Support Services

The Support Services Division of the Caldwell County Sheriff's Office consists of one captain, one lieutenant, one sergeant, one corporal, 17 deputies, 1 Domestic Violence Officer and three civilian support personnel. Support Services contains several specialized units including Civil Process, School Resource Officers, Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E), Records, Domestic Violence Unit, Departmental Training Coordinator, Motor Fleet Management, and Honor Guard Unit.

Civil Process

There are five deputies and an administrative assistant assigned to civil. These deputies are responsible for serving all civil process papers that come into the sheriff's office. These processes can be anything from magistrate's summons, summary ejectments/evictions, subpoenas, notices of rights, writs, executions on judgments, and execution sales. They also assist in serving domestic violence orders and accompanying paperwork. On average these officers serve between 700 and 1000 processes each month. They also assist the Patrol Division by responding to calls for service during times of high call volume.

59 David Gragg

Deputy David Gragg

Civil Process

Domestic Violence

Sheriff's Office domestic violence investigators are responsible for entering and serving Domestic Violence Protection Orders and assisting victims of domestic violence with navigating the legal processes involved in domestic violence crimes such as filing for a protection order and locating help to escape the abusive situation.

Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) / School Resource Officer (SRO)

The Drug Abuse Resistance Education and school resource officer's programs consist of 8 deputies who work in conjunction with the Caldwell County Schools. Each officer has received specialized training in juvenile law and legal issues in school settings. These deputies are in place to establish a liaison with school administration in a cooperative effort to prevent juvenile delinquency, maintain a safe and secure environment conducive to learning, prevent criminal activities and disturbances and promote positive attitudes regarding the role of Law Enforcement in society. Currently, the Sheriff's Office has SROs assigned to South Caldwell High School (2), West Caldwell High School (2), Gateway, Gamewell Middle School, Sawmills Elementary School, Baton Elementary School, Dudley Shoals Elementary School, Gamewell Elementary School, Collettsville School, Happy Valley School, Kings Creek School, and Oak Hill School. The Sheriff's Office D.A.R.E. Officers present the Drug Abuse Resistance Education curriculum at Baton Elementary, Collettsville School, Dudley Shoals Elementary, Gamewell Elementary, Happy Valley School, Horizons Elementary, Kings Creek School, Oak Hill School, and Sawmills Elementary. The D.A.R.E. Officers also perform community service presentations to promote making good choices, prevent drug abuse, and inform students and citizens of their rights and responsibilities as lawful citizens.


The records secretary is a civilian employee who is responsible for the maintenance of the incident reporting system and all reports turned into the Sheriff's Office. The records secretary enters and validates data from reports into the Federal Bureau of Investigations Index Crimes Report.

To obtain a copy of an incident report completed by a Caldwell County Sheriff's Deputy please come to the Sheriff's Office between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm. Monday through Friday. The office is closed on holidays.

The Caldwell County Sheriff's Office maintains all Trespass Agreements for property in the County. If you are having issues with individuals trespassing on your property you can obtain a Trespass Agreement with the Sheriff's Office which gives our agency the authority to arrest if individuals are located on your property after being warned not to be. In order to register a Trespass Agreement, you must complete the Trespass Agreement form (PDF). You must then bring this form to the Sheriff's Office with State issues ID. You must be the property owner in order to obtain a Trespass Agreement. Click here to obtain the application.

Training Coordinator

The Supports Services Lieutenant serves as the training coordinator for the Sheriff's Office. This person is responsible for identifying departmental training needs, coordinating of training, and maintaining the departmental law enforcement training records. The training coordinator works in conjunction with local community colleges, the North Carolina Justice Academy, and the North Carolina Sheriff's Education Training and Standards Commission to ensure that the deputies at the Sheriff's Office receive all mandated training required to maintain their law enforcement training certifications.

Honor Guard Unit

The Honor Guard Unit is comprised of 10 Officers that assist during special ceremonies and funerals for Law Enforcement Officers. They participate yearly in the Fallen Officer Memorial Ceremony in Caldwell County.

Honor Guard 1

Honor Guard 2