How do I get a Protective (Restraining) Order?

To obtain a protective order, a person goes to the Clerk of Court's Office in the Courthouse, and sees a civil clerk. Tell the clerk you are there to obtain a Protective Order, properly called a Domestic Violence Ex-Parte Order. Once you have that paperwork, fill out the forms in their entirety. Put as much information on them as possible. Be very specific about any acts and the dates that they occurred. Be sure to put any assaults that may have happened, and why you are in fear of the person on whom you are getting the order. Once you have done this, take the paperwork back to the Clerk's Office and the Clerk will have you swear or affirm to the information you are giving. Then they will send you to the courtroom, or by some other means, get you in front of a judge. You will testify to a Judge, sometimes in front of others in open court, why you are in fear or what the abuser has done to hurt you or make you scared. Once the judge gives his ruling, they will send you back to the Clerk's Office to complete the paperwork. When the paperwork is completed, you will bring the copies to the Caldwell County Sheriff's Office for service of the person.

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