How does the program work?

Submit an application to your local soil and water conservation district. The applications are ranked based on resource concerns identified in the county. Applicants can be reimbursed up to 75% of a predetermined average cost for each BMP installed. The applicant is responsible for 25% of the costs. This may include the use of existing material and labor.

There are some cost share and acreage restrictions depending on the BMPs used, the type of operation involved, or policy set by the local soil and water conservation district or the NC. Soil and Water Conservation Commission. Cost share incentive payments are also available to encourage the use of certain agronomic management practices.

Applications for the NC Community Conservation Assistance Program are accepted year-round. Applications are ranked twice a year based on natural resource concerns. To apply for assistance please fill out the application (PDF) and return it in person or by mail to:

Caldwell Soil and Water Conservation District Office
120 Hospital Avenue Suite 2
Lenoir, NC 28645

Phone: 828-758-1111

Cost Share Programs - CCAP

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