What happens if I don’t have healthcare insurance?

We can help you! If you are transported by our agency without healthcare insurance, and you are not eligible for Medicaid, please call 828-757-1424 and ask to speak with a billing specialist. Our billing office staff will provide you with information on setting up a payment plan and any other options available.

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1. Why does Caldwell County charge ambulance fees?
2. What types of fees are charged and how much does an ambulance ride cost?
3. A fire truck came with the ambulance. Do I get charged for that too?
4. Why did the ambulance crew ask me for my personal information?
5. Will my health insurance pay my ambulance bill?
6. What happens if I don’t have healthcare insurance?
7. What is the telephone number for ambulance billing questions?
8. What is the payment mailing address and contact information for ambulance billing?
9. How can I find out more about HIPAA and Privacy?