911 Communications

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Caldwell County Emergency Services ShieldThe Caldwell County 911 Communication Center answers all 911 calls that originate within Caldwell County. The center provides emergency dispatch services for over twenty agencies in Caldwell County.

The Caldwell County 911 Communication Center has five console positions that are all configured alike. Each position houses a variety of communications applications including, Computer Aided Dispatch, access to the Division of Criminal Information, a Digital Recording System for instant call retrieval, a Motorola Computerized radio system, a computerized Telephone system, video for door cameras for security, internet capability and access to CNN, local news and weather.

The Caldwell County 911 Communication Center dispatches all Sheriff's Office personnel, all 14 Caldwell County Fire Departments, the City of Lenoir Fire Department, and all Caldwell County Emergency Services. The Center also dispatches Hudson Police Department, Rhodhiss Police Department, and on occasion, Granite Falls Police Department.

The Caldwell County 911 Communication Center serves as the after-hours contact for Caldwell County Department of Social Services, Caldwell County Water Department, Juvenile Services, American Red Cross, Caldwell County Emergency Management, and Fire Marshalls Office, Caldwell County Animal Control, and various other NC State agencies.

In the fall of 2006, the Caldwell County 911 Communications Center began EMD (Emergency Medical Dispatch). Emergency Medical Dispatch Systems has been recognized as an essential component of effective emergency dispatch. Proper and timely training, as well as a sound protocol, are what help emergency services deliver quality care to the calling public. A key component of the EMD system is the ability of specially trained Telecommunicators to identify the chief complaint of a patient and send the appropriate level of response in a timely manner as well as being able to give pre-arrival instructions to a caller in life-threatening emergencies.

The Caldwell County 911 Communications Center Shift Supervisors and Telecommunicators work 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, on 12-hour shifts, answering an average of 39,000 911 calls and 139,000 non-emergency type calls per year.