EMS Operations

Caldwell County EMS provides paramedic-level, pre-hospital emergency medical care within Caldwell County. This service is provided utilizing nine Advanced Life Support units 24 hours per day, operating on 12-hour shift rotations from seven stations. Our System Plan also includes backup transport units provided by multiple fire and rescue agencies located throughout the County.

Caldwell EMS Ambulance RoadBase Locations

Backup Transport Units

  • Lenoir Fire / Rescue (1 BLS ambulance)
  • Little River Fire / Rescue (1 ALS ambulances)

The combination of full-time transport units and volunteer agencies providing backup units allows the County to have the capability of fielding eleven (11) ambulances without utilizing mandatory call back and placing our fleet of reserve units in service.

Caldwell County operates a variety of platforms for its transport units, though the division has transitioned to a frontline fleet of ambulances that offer flexibility to our system by decreasing operational costs and increasing efficiency. The ambulances feature all-aluminum construction providing an exceptionally safe and strong environment, the modules maximize available space and provide an environment that is not only efficient but is also comfortable and a pleasure to work in. Our ambulances are built on either a Freightliner M2-106 chassis, 4x4 Ford, or 4x4 Dodge chassis.