What's New in Caldwell County Map Viewer

Caldwell County has deployed a new interactive mapping website, which improves upon the previous website by being more user-friendly and by adding new features and tools.

New Capabilities

  • When searching, you may select the field to search, but you don't have to. Just begin entering the search criteria, whether it's an owner name, parcel ID, NCPIN, account number, or property address.
  • You can now select and export ownership information by subdivision. Just zoom to the subdivision under Places, then click "Select Parcels." You can then view the owners in a table or export the list as a spreadsheet.
  • Google Street View is now available. Zoom to the area of interest, click the Google Street View button, then click on the map.
  • To identify layers, you no longer have to identify multiple layers individually. Under the Layers tab, click the desired layers. Click the Identify tool, then the desired point on the map. You can then scroll through the results on the left.
  • When printing, you can now specify a title, as well as a scale.
  • You can now search only the extent of the map view. For instance, if you have an owner name but only want to search a defined area, zoom into the area, then click Advanced Search. Enter the owner name or other criteria and check the Filter Results By Current Extent box at the top. Click Search at the bottom, and you'll get a list of owners by that name limited to the map view.

We also offer a mobile site with many of the same features. Just point your browser to the same map viewer link on your tablet or smartphone.