All Hazards Warning Systems for Caldwell County

Emergency warnings may originate at the national, state or local level of government. Timely warning requires dissemination to the public by all available means. The following systems are used in Caldwell County for receipt and dissemination of warning:

  • National Warning System (NAWAS)
  • National Weather ServiceNational Weather Service (NWS) National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Weather Radio Service
  • Emergency Alert System (EAS)
  • State Operated Two Way Radio Systems
  • N.C. Division of Criminal Information (DCI)
  • Local Government Radios
  • Sirens, horns, or mobile public address systems
  • Telephone

Receipt &Dissemination of Warning

The NC Highway Patrol serves as the State Warning Point at the Raleigh Communications Center. NWS alerts are received there from Federal agencies and, on occasion, the public.

Warning received from the site of an emergency or from the State Warning Point is normally reported to the Caldwell County Communications Center at the Sheriff's Department, which serves as the County Warning Point.

Notification of governmental officials and emergency response personnel from the County Warning Point will follow established procedures.

Jurisdictions adjoining Caldwell County will be notified through the Communications Center or by the quickest possible method, in the event an incident occurs within Caldwell County that may cause adverse effects across jurisdictional lines. The Caldwell County Emergency Management Coordinator will assume that facilities have been identified that can cause problems to adjoining counties and that lines of communications remain open to provide a timely warning.

Dissemination of Warning to the General Public of major emergencies will be by:

  • Emergency Alert System (EAS)
  • All Hazard Weather alert radios
  • Mobile public address systems as appropriate
  • House-to-house alert by emergency personnel
  • CodeREDCodeRED - Caldwell County Public Alert System