Damage Assessment Program

To assist with recovery efforts following the recent weather event, Caldwell County Emergency Services is requesting Caldwell County residents with storm-related damage to their home, and/or property (i.e. bridges/driveways/etc.), to complete a County Damage Assessment application online.

The deadline to submit a Damage Assessment application is Friday, June 14, 2019. This does not guarantee that avenues for financial assistance will be made available from the State or Federal Government.

Local damage assessment plays a critical role in your community's response and recovery following a hazard event. The information gathered by the damage assessment response team provides a snapshot of the situation detailing the extent and location of damages. This information is evaluated to determine the needs of the survivors and the community as a whole. Thus, the damage assessment sets the tone for the entire response operation and drives the recovery process. Damage assessment helps your community set priorities for response activities such as search and rescue, as well as for recovery operations such as removal of storm debris and rebuilding or repair of infrastructure; It also helps identify needs for additional resources from local, State, and Federal agencies and provides some of the documentation necessary for applying for these avenues of assistance.

The purpose of damage assessments is to gather preliminary data about people and property affected by major events which have affected Caldwell County. The application allows affected residents to provide information about their situation and send it directly to Caldwell County Emergency Services. A County representative will either contact the resident or visit their location within 48 hours of receiving their application.

Residents without access to the internet may call 828-757-1424 to complete a Damage Assessment Form during business hours (Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm). Callers are advised to be prepared for busy signals or waiting on hold due to high call volume.