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Caldwell County Health Department Annual Report

Each year, documentation of events and services provided to the community is collected and provided in an annual report. This report outlines "highlights" of the year's events.

Community Health Assessments

Community health assessment is the foundation for improving and promoting the health of community members. The role of community assessment is to identify factors that affect the health of a population and determine the availability of resources within the community to adequately address these factors. It is a "systematic collection, assembly, analysis, and dissemination of information about the health of the community". Every 3 years as required for Accreditation, the Caldwell County Health Department, along with partners, complete a community health assessment. 

State of the County Health Report

The State of the County Health Report (SOTCH) is a document completed each year, except the year a CHA is completed. This document reports on the progress made in the last year in relation to the priorities identified in the most current CHA. 

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