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When children can no longer be safely maintained in the home of their biological parents or caretakers due to abuse/neglect/dependency, the children may be placed in the custody of a child welfare agency by the judicial system. Child welfare agencies are required to provide services to the family to support reunification efforts until the children are either reunified with their birth family or the parental rights of the parents have been terminated.

When children are in the custody of a child welfare agency, they may live in different types of placements:

Kinship Placements

Kinship care is when a child/youth is placed with a relative or a "fictive kin" who provides care for the child when they cannot live with their birth parents or caretakers. Fictive kin is described as someone who is not related by familial ties but has a signification relationship with the child. Kinship homes are the preferred type of placement because child(ren) are in a more familiar environment and can maintain a connection with their family.

Foster Placements

Foster homes provide temporary care for children until they can be successfully reunified with their birth family/caretakers or they move to a permanent placement though adoption or guardianship. The foster family works with the birth family through the Shared Parenting Program to provide support for reunification services and make the transition easier for the children. Foster homes have to meet specific licensing criteria and are supervised by a public or private agency.

Adoption Placements

Adoption services through Caldwell County DSS are specific to children who are in foster care or kinship care with this department. These placements only occur after reunification efforts with parents have not been successful.

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