LINKS Program

Caldwell County LINKS Program

LINKS is the North Carolina Foster Care Independence Program. The purpose of our LINKS program is to ensure youth who were or are in foster care have a successful transition to adulthood. Youth participate in LINKS in the following ways:

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  • Transitional Living Plans (TLP)

    TLPs are developed with the youth. It is the YOUTH's plan and youth are expected to participate in developing it. The goals in a TLP are based off strengths and needs that are determined through a Casey Life Skill Assessment or a Transitional Readiness Scale.
  • Credit Checks

    Completed yearly for youth in care.
  • Special LINKS Funding

    Transitional and housing funds to assist youth in meeting the LINKS Program Outcomes.
  • LINKS Meetings

    Meetings are held monthly and teach youth independent living skills such as budgeting, career assessment, internet safety, cooking, etc.
  • LINKS Events

    College tours, SaySo Events, Real World, and recreational activities.

Who Is Eligible For Services?

Any youth who are or were in substitute care on or after their 13th birthday and have not reached their 21st birthday. 

LINKS Program Outcomes

  1. All youth leaving the foster care system shall have sufficient economic resources to meet their daily needs.
  2. All youth leaving the foster care system shall have a safe and stable place to live.
  3. All youth leaving the foster care system shall attain academic or vocational/educational goals that are in keeping with the youth's abilities and interest.
  4. All youth leaving the foster care system shall have a sense of connectedness to persons and community. This means that every youth, upon exiting foster care, should have a personal support network of at least 5 responsible adults who will remain supportive of the young adult.
  5. All youth leaving the foster care system shall avoid illegal/high risk behaviors. 
  6. All youth leaving the foster care system shall postpone parenthood until financially established and emotionally mature.
  7. Youth shall have access to physical and mental health services, and a way to pay for those services.
  8. Access to age/developmental activities (for young people likely to remain in foster care until their 18th birthday).

How To Get Involved

If you are interested in teaching a class or donating independent living items, please call or email LINKS Coordinator Tonia Macchia.

In December 1999, Congress enacted Public Law 106-69, the John Chafee Foster Care Independence Act.