The Sheriffs Of Caldwell County, Past and Present

Past Major David Anderson conducted an extensive research project into the history of the Caldwell County Sheriff's Office. If you have information you would like to share as part of this project, please email Major Kevin Bean.

Elijah Stone Moore, 1841 to 1846

Sheriffs Office Badge

Robert R. McCall, 1866 to 1880

Sheriffs Office Badge

Washington Lawrence Ballew, 1846 to 1849

Sheriffs Office Badge

Robert Gaius Tuttle, 1880 to 1882

Robert Tuttle

Lewis Sumpter Hartley, 1849 to 1852

Sheriffs Office Badge

Magruder Hill Tuttle, 1884 to 1888

Magruder Tuttle

Robert Gaius Tuttle, 1852 to 1866

Robert Tuttle

H. M. Kent, 1888 to 1890

Sheriffs Office Badge

William Sidney Miller, 1890 to 1892

Sheriffs Office Badge

J. V. McCall, 1892 to 1894

Sheriffs Office Badge

A. H. Boyd, 1894 to 1902

Sheriffs Office Badge

Madison Elijah Estes, 1902 to 1903

Madison Estes

J. V. McCall, 1903 to 1904

Sheriffs Office Badge

John M. Smith, 1904 to 1910

Sheriffs Office Badge

J. P. Icard, 1910 to 1913

Sheriffs Office Badge

Jerome A. Triplette, 1913 to 1922

Jerome Triplette

F. T. Sherrill, 1922 to 1928

Sheriffs Office Badge

Columbus M. Rader, 1928 to 1930

Columbus Rader

John W. Walsh, 1930 to 1932

John Walsh

John C. Tolbert, 1932 to 1938

John Tolbert

John Felix Parlier, 1938 to 1946

John Parlier

George D. Greer, 1946 to 1954

George Greer

Clyde Roberts, 1954 to 1958

Clyde Roberts

J. B. Myers, 1958 to 1966

JB Myers

S. Ray Moore, 1966 to 1972

Ray Moore

Jim Clark, 1972 to 1974

Jim Clark

Claude Goble, 1974 to 1976

Claude Goble

Bliff G. Benfield, 1977 to 1990

Bliff Benfield

Roger L. Hutchings, 1990 to 2003

Roger Hutchings

Gary M. Clark, 2003 to 2007

Gary Clark

Alan C. Jones, 2007 to Present

Sheriff Alan C. Jones